Lewisburg– The Office of Violence Against Women awards financial backing to Pennsylvania to assist neighborhoods in enhancing their action to violence versus females. Among the methods, they do this is through the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program. STOP is an acronym that represents Services, Training, Officers, and Prosecutors.

The Lewisburg-based Transitions crisis center has gotten this funding for at least among the counties we serve for more than 16 years, and among the methods, its used is to host a yearly training occasion for police officers and district attorneys.

This year’s STOP training was held Oct. 4 and 5 at the Union County Government. Subjects consisted of civil security orders offered to victims of the criminal offense, Pennsylvania’s strangulation law, moving on in criminal cases without the victim, and using the neurobiology of injury to notify interviews and examinations.

Thirteen local police officers participated in, consisting of agents from Bucknell University’s Department of Public Safety, Muncy, Northumberland County Sheriff’s Department, Riverside, Susquehanna University’s Department of Public Safety and Watsontown. Twelve supporters, 6 human provider, and 2 court workers also went to sessions.

Individuals found out about the 3 kinds of security orders readily available in Pennsylvania:

 The Protection from Abuse Order, for cases of physical, sexual or mental abuse where the victim and offender are related by blood or marital relationship or with whom they have remained in a sexual or intimate relationship;

 The Protection from Intimidation Order, for kids who are stalked or pestered by a grownup;

 The Sexual Violence Protection Order, for cases of sexual violence where the victim and criminal do not have a family, family or intimate partner relationship.

Individuals also discovered that Pennsylvania now has a strong strangulation law, where wrongdoers of this criminal offense, frequently called “choking,” can be charged with a misdemeanor of the 2nd degree, a felony of the 2nd degree or a felony of the very first degree, depending upon the situations of the criminal activity and versus whom the criminal offense was dedicated.

Throughout and after a terrible occasion, people might process that experience in way appear illogical to outdoors observers. Individuals discovered way the brain responds to injury and how those responses and a few of the options survivors make, such as postponing reporting, can be credited to the neurobiology of injury.